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RadZen MediaSCU

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Product Description

RadZen MediaSCU is an easy-to-use Windows DICOM tool to send DICOM files over the network to a DICOM Storage SCP.

MediaSCU is ideal for bridging the gap between radiology systems that do not support DICOM network sending.

RadZen MediaSCU Use Case


A simple main window makes MediaSCU simple to find the files you want to send and queue them for transmission.

RadZen MediaSCU Main Window

Data Element Coercion

Automatically coerce DICOM elements as files are sent.

Elements currently supported are:

  • Patient ID
  • Patient Name
  • Study ID
  • Accession Number

Coercion actions that can be applied are:

  • Overwrite - Overwrite the element with a specified value
  • Uppercase - Convert the element value to uppercase
  • Lowercase - Convert the element value to lowercase
  • Prefix - Prefix the element value with a specified value
  • Suffix - Suffix the element value with a specified value



Windows 10 with .NET Framework version 4.5 or higher.


Download the Windows online installer here.

Note: The online installer will download the necessary components during the installation process.


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