Online Solutions


If your business needs a new website or a refresh of it's existing website, we can help.

We partner with Webefinity to deliver websites on the CubeBuild platform. CubeBuild provides a user-friendly content editing interface and fully integrated modules such as online store, blog engine, forms engine, wiki, events booking module and web-based point-of-sale.

All websites we build are responsive, meaning they will work on desktop computers as well as mobile devices and tablet computers.

As a matter of fact, this website you are reading is a CubeBuild website!

Online Presence

Most small business fail to manage and maintain their online presence once their website has been launched. This is where we can help your business manage it's online presence with social media and search engine optimisation.

Web Applications

We team up with Webefinity to provide custom web application development capability via it's CubeBuild platform.

The CubeBuild platform provides a reliable and capable framework on which to build custom web applications. This helps reduce costs by providing software infrastructure components such as user authentication, media resource management, content management and many other re-usable components.

Email Service Management

Many small businesses struggle with management and maintenance of their email service. We can help rationalise and manage your email service for you.

We have experience migrating email to enterprise-grade email hosting services such as Rackspace Email and Google Mail.


Please contact us if you would like to talk about how our services can help your business.