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PacsOne Server

Future Zen resells and supports PacsOne software in Australia.

PacsOne Server by Rainbowfish Software is a cost-effective DICOM 3.0 compliant PACS with a web-based management interface and optional HL-7 support.

Try Before You Buy

PacsOne Server installation packages are available from the PacsOne website. These come with a 45-day free trial license. Note: the trial license has a 5 AE, 1 million image limit

PacsOne Server License

From $1,300.00

PacsOne Server licenses are priced according to the number of AE's connecting to the server instance.

PacsOne Server HL-7 Interface License


A PacsOne Server HL-7 Interface license is required if you need to integrate your PacsOne server instance with other systems using the HL-7 protocol.

PacsOne Technical Support Plan

From $990.00

PacsOne Support Plans entitle customers to receive support directly from PacsOne and free unlimited upgrades during the support period.